Top 10 Reasons for Enrolling at Trinity

10.  Academic Results
On standardized tests, our students consistently score at and above average.  Last year's students scored better than 77% of students nationwide in reading, 72% in language arts, 82% in math, 88% in science, and 85% in social studies.  Trinity students on average tested 2 grade levels above the national average.  Our graduates are easily accepted into all local high schools, public and parochial, often moving right into advanced math as well as various honors and AP classes.  The academic foundation received at Trinity provides students with high school success that they have eventually are accepted at a variety of top tier universities for continuing their education.

9.  The kids love our school!
Any visit to our campus quickly shows how much our students love their school.  The joy on their faces, the excitement in their activities, the energy in their classroom discussions all point to how much they value Trinity.  They love their teachers, their classmates, the field trips, music, computers, art, athletics, and on and on.  They come in each day eager and ready for another opportunity to participate, and eager to share the experience with each other.

8.  Parents appreciate Trinity and choose to be involved
At all grade levels and many activities parents are vitally involved in our school.  They help in the classroom, work concessions at basketball games, chaperone field trips, and participate in fundraising.  Parents are in high percentage attendance at our performance events.  They remain our number one source for publicizing the school to the community, sharing their Trinity experience with friends, family, and co-workers.

7.  We have an excellent Preschool
Preschool education sets an excellent foundation for the years of elementary schooling to come.  Under the guidance of Preschool Director, Jeanne Arturi, our Preschool has established and maintained a reputation for excellence in program, nurture, value, and service that is second to none in our community.  Full and half-day preschool are available, meeting the needs of preschoolers three on up.  Our Christ-centered preschool program helps children fall in love with learning while being surrounded by the love our Savior.

6.  Tuition Scholarships are available
Trinity's congregation supports the school as a mission.  Every student receives financial aid. Last year, the congregation provided more than $1200 per student for building and operations, and payroll.  However, if a family qualifies for need-based tuition assistance, up to 75% of tuition may be covered by an assistance grant.  We strive to ensure that money never interferes with parents' desire to give their children the gift of lifetime, an excellent Christ-centered education, preparing children life in the world today as well as life eternal.

5.  We are affordable
Visitors are surprised at how reasonably priced our quality education program is compared to other high quality Christian schools in our area.  Our tuition rates include books and supplies fees, technology and activities fees, and more.  The registration fee is only $125 per family, not per student, and all of our fundraising is entirely optional.  There are no mandatory fundraisers and you won't have to write a check at the end of the year if you didn't meet a commitment.  Trinity also offers ten and twelve month payment plans to make things easier for your family.

4.  Outstanding teachers
Our professional educators are fully qualified and thoroughly educated, with many already holding or pursuing Master's degrees. They all have years of experience in Christian education, and have demonstrated their commitment and passion to sharing Christian faith and values with children and families while passing on their lifelong love for learning.

3.  Our student-teacher ratio is kept low
Small class sizes at all grade levels allow students to receive excellent attention, with teachers able to appropriately address learning hurdles and intellectually challenge students.  The children stay interested and motivated all day long.  We maintain a 12-1 student/teacher ratio for our youngest Preschool children.  At the K-8 level, the average class size is 14 students.

3.  Common Core
As a Lutheran School, we are not bound by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We currently are not actively teaching strictly to CCSS; however, we teach according to what we believe are best practices, which we are finding already incoporate many of the Common Core Concepts.

We have researched the CCSS and will address them to ensure that our students excel in preparation for what they will face after graduating our school. We feel whatever standards are set before us will be exceeded by our teachers and curriculum.

Through our research, we feel that there are some concepts in the CCSS that are beneficial and we will incorporate only those which we believe will be most advantageous to our students. Conversely, there may be some concepts we believe are contradictory to our values and beliefs as a Christian school and therefore will not be incorporated. In either scenario, we will keep in mind that our students need to be prepared to continue their education in schools beyond Trinity that may be incorporating CCSS.

And the top reason for enrolling in a Lutheran school ...

1.  We are Christ-centered
We believe the Bible is the completely accurate and true Word of God.  We believe we have salvation and eternal life through faith alone, by the grace of God and not by anything we have earned or accomplished for ourselves.  We believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, the Lord of our lives.  These core beliefs impact and influence every aspect of our school.  Our School Mission Statement says it clearly: Trinity Lutheran School exists to provide a Christ-centered education in a loving Christian atmosphere, partnering with parents to instruct and train children in spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional areas of development while developing and strengthening relationships with God and each other.