School Endowment Fund

The Trinity Lutheran School Endowment Fund was created in 2007, to receive gifts and bequests and to use them for the mission and ministry of Trinity Lutheran School.  Income from the fund will be used for areas other than the normal operating budget of the school.

How is the endowment fund used?

Contributions can be designated by the donor to be used in support of the following missions and ministries or can be given as undesignated to allow the Endowment Fund Committee to suggest the area of use.

Opportunities within the school:  The income from this Fund may be used for any of the following areas within the school.  The use of principal is allowed in the Building Fund category only.

Student Tuition: Assistance is given to school families who need financial assistance to pay tuition.

Education: Special projects to support the Christian education programs at Trinity.  (Example: enrichment programs, before or after school programs, summer programs, preschool, etc.)

Scholarships: Scholarships to former Trinity students going into full-time church work.

Building and Grounds Improvement: Special projects to improve and repair Trinity's school facilities.  (Example: air conditioning, remodeling, etc.)

Library: Special efforts to keep Trinity's library up-to-date. (Example: books, shelves, etc.)

Family Counseling: Special gifts to aid families with students at Trinity with the cost of Christian counseling.  (Example: Lutheran Family Service, marriage, drug and alcohol dependency, family.)

Sports Programs: Special projects to support Trinity's sports programs.  (Examples: equipment, playground equipment, etc.)

Building Fund: Income and/or principal used for new Trinity building projects or property acquisition.

School Music Programs: Special gifts to support Trinity's music program.  (Example: choir uniforms, purchase music, musical instruments, special music programs, etc.)

Technology: Special Trinity projects of electronic or other technological opportunities as they become available.  (Example: additions to sound system, audio-visual equipment, office machines, computers, copying machines, etc.)

How can I make a gift to the endowment fund?

There are a number of ways to support the fund!  Cash contributions, will bequests, creating a trust and naming the endowment as a beneficiary, giving appreciated assets like real estate, stocks, and mutual funds, or through life insurance or annuity contracts naming the endowment fund as beneficiary.  To make a donation with a check or credit or debit card to the school endowment fund online, through our secure church website, please click here.

How is the endowment fund managed?

The Trinity Lutheran School Endowment Fund is managed by the TLS Endowment Fund committee.  The congregation has four representatives along with a TLS Board member.  Ex-officio members include the TLS Principal and the Senior Pastor of the congregation.  The Endowment Fund committee will meet at least twice a year and make recommendations to the Voters Assembly, who have the final say in how the undesignated funds are used.  The Endowment Fund is audited at the same time the records of the Treasurer of the Congregation are audited.

Please contact an estate planning professional or attorney before making any gift.  There may be tax or capital gain advantages in giving to the Trinity Lutheran School endowment fund.

Please contact the principal or pastor at (708)839-1444 if you have any questions!