We believe in teaching children to praise God for their blessings.  We also teach children to share their time, treasures and talents with others to serve our Lord and Savior.  Trinity students in K-8 are required to participate in community service projects.  Younger students participate in classroom service projects and older students are required to participate in classroom service projects and complete individual service projects as well.

Students help their church and school, they help in their classrooms, they collect pop tops, food and personal items for shelters, glasses for the Lions Club, winter coats for our fall serving clinic, and they also donate time and funds to inner city Lutheran schools, Phil's Friends, St. Judes, and so much more!!!

Trinity Lutheran School was named a 2012 Global Literacy Champion by the African Library Project for providing books to the libraries at Anum-Apapam Presbyterian Primary (Ghana) and Edwinase L/A JHS (Ghana)!!  The students at Trinity collected over 2000 books and very generous parents donated the cost of the shipping for the books!