Learning can be fun!!!  Trinity teachers designed Family Fun Nights to include games and activites that reflect integral parts of their curriculum.  Parents and siblings are invited to attend with their Preschoolers-2nd graders to see what their children are learning at Trinity! Family Fun Nights will be held in Fall, Winter and Spring and October's theme was Apple Extravaganza!  

On October 2nd, Trinity's Preschool teacher, Jeanne Arturi, welcomed families into the school and directed them to the Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms.  Each classroom hosted special games and activities that featured lessons from math, science and reading.  Kim Michaelsen, Trinity's Kindergarten teacher, hosted yummy apple snacks.  Children played an apple dice game and they played math games by counting, adding and subtracting apples from formulas.  Debbie Hammes, Trinity's 1st grade teacher, dressed up like Mrs. MacIntosh in all plaid and welcomed everyone into her classroom.  Children and parents weighed items on balance scales to estimate which items would balance and which items weighed the most.  Then they moved to the water tubs where they could guess if items would sink or float.  Children could also take the challenge to see if they could poke a straw into an apple; it's harder than it looks!  2nd grade teacher, Lisa Haak, cut up 3 varieties of apples; guests could taste the apples and then graph their favorite kind.  Children sorted apple erasers into letter and number groups and worked on an apple workbook that they could take home with them.

At the close of the evening, Mrs. Michaelsen read the story "Apple Trouble!" about a hedgehog that was nesting for the winter and an apple fell on her spines and got stuck!  As Trinity is Christ-Centered, teachers ended the evening with a prayer.

Our next Family Fun Night will be held on Thursday, April 30th, from 6:30-7:30pm and the theme is "ROCKIN' RAINBOWS"

Want your child to have fun learning?  Call Trinity at (708)839-1444 to schedule a visit to see what children are learning in our classrooms!