Our Approach to the Common Core

As a Lutheran School, we are not bound by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

We currently are not actively teaching strictly to CCSS; however, we teach according to what we believe are best practices, which have, as we are coming to find out, already incorporated many of the Common Core Concepts.

We have researched the standards and will address them to ensure that our students excel, and that they are prepared for what they will face as they graduate our school.  We feel that whatever standards are set before us will be exceeded by our teachers and curriculum.

Through our research, we feel that there are some concepts in the CCSS that are beneficial and we will incorporate only that which we believe will be most advantageous to our students.  Conversely, there may also be some concepts that we believe are contradictory to our values and beliefs as a Christian school and will not be incorporated.  We will have to keep in mind, in both scenarios, that our students will need to be prepared to continue on with their education in schools beyond Trinity that may be incorporating the CCSS.