Kim Michaelsen, Kindergarten
Mrs. Michaelsen graduated in 1985 with a B.A. in education from Concordia University in River
Forest, IL and in 1990 with an MA in Early Childhood Education from Eastern Michigan
University in Ypsilanti, MI. This school year is her 25th year of teaching(most of this in
Kindergarten) but she has also taught Preschool and 2nd grade. She and her husband, Eric,
have three daughters, a son-in-law and will be welcoming another one in June 2019. Mrs.
Michaelsen loves to spend time her family, walking for exercise and playing with her dog,
Cubby. Having graduated from a Lutheran grade school and university, Mrs. Michaelsen loves
being able to share the love of Jesus with her own students. Mrs. Michaelsen is certified by the
state of Illinois in Elementary Education K-9 and Early Childhood Education Infant-3rd grade.