Debbie Hammes, 1st Grade Teacher
I have a long Lutheran school history, having attended a Lutheran grade school, high school, and college!  I love the family atmosphere of smaller schools, which we certainly have here at Trinity.  Being a member of Trinity Lutheran Church is definitely a bonus for me, too!

I truly enjoy sharing my love of reading with my students and guiding them as they learn new things.  The "light bulb goes on" and days when they "get it" make all the hard work worthwhile.  I also love teaching the first graders basic organizational skills to help them prepare for their future school years.

I spent several years working as a teacher aide in special education classrooms in public school settings before receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Concordia University in River Forest in 1988.  I have been teaching first grade since August 1988 and I have been at Trinity since 1994.  I am state-certified in Illinois to teach Kindergarten through grade 9.