In 1865, Pastor G.M. Zucker from Proviso, assisted in the organization of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, U.A.C.  In the same year, the first church building was erected and dedicated on the third Sunday of Advent.  Pastor Theo. Mertens was called as pastor and installed on the 18th day of March, 1866.  A great blessing had therefore been showered upon this community, namely an organized congregation and preaching services every Sunday, as well as the administration of the Sacraments.
His successor was Candidate Karl Trautmann from the Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  In 1881, a parsonage was erected.  In January 1883, Reverend F.W. Brueggemann became the pastor of this congregation.  During his pastorate the congregation grew to such an extent that a teacher was called for the parochial school.  The congregation then called Rev. Hugo Schwartzkopf.  During his pastorate the congregation, with God's blessing, continued to grow and prosper.  The first house of worship became to small.  Accordingly, the five acres lying south of the original property were purchased and on it a new church edifice was erected at the cost of $6,229.87.
On June 9, 1924, during a severe electrical storm, the church was struck by lightning and burnt down.  The congregation was then forced to worship again in its original church building.
On the 12th day of July 1925, it was resolved to build a new church, and already in November of that year, the corner stone was laid amid great rejoicing.  On May 16th of the following year, the new church building was dedicated to the Triune God.
In 1936, it was resolved to build a new school, that the Christian education of the children might be re-established.  Accordingly, a school was built at the cost of $5,500.00 and dedicated on the 6th day of December, 1936.  The present church building was dedicated April 4, 1971.  The present school building was dedicated in 1983.